Friday, December 16, 2011

The fortnight..

It’s been fifteen days since we are talking,
Slowly slowly, walking together, more like stalking!!!

The first day, started with a textation,
Following hours were killed in anticipation
But alas, the things we talked were devoid of any motivation,
Spoken mainly out of desperation!!!

The second day went blank, & I remained nervous,
Probably, something wrong I said, or he was just frivolous!!!

The third day came n soon fell the evening,
Now I was sure tht the fone won’t be ringing
Suddenly, it buzzed, and all the blood in my brains flushed
I was busy playing wid a kid
The flashing mobile, definitely made me skid
I blushed and answered with a big smile
But all we talked was about some odd ratio & HVAC style
Since I was out, I took excuse, but made the promise to call
Till this time, I was so skittish as if my worlds gonna fall

The fourth day came,
The tock was really so lame,
It wasn’t ready to strike eight
Even if I agreed to use an extra battery as bait
Finally, the time came to buzz
The symphony soon turned into jazz
We talked for long hours
Till mittal came to put the bars

Fifth day saga, got better
For so much, to each other we could utter
Incidentally we met online
And then all other things sublimed
I could now sense where it was going
No day, this stranger could be called boring
He speaks less, but magical
Was definitely racy, in a manner so ethical

Today, it has been six days
Since I’m talking to this person so strange
The frequency was really matching,
And so we decided on meeting
The probable location n time line was thought upon
I had already started day dreaming, full on

The seventh day went blank,
But whole day I could feel the pang
All of a sudden, so many people came into picture
I was giving wads of updates to plenty of people,
These endless discussions left me with a mental puncture
Surprisingly these were not a one way call, it was barter
With every piece of detail shared, I got new advices,
They were all writing my new life’s charter :)

On a fine Monday morning, a mail popped
Unlike the routine, It was not checked
This is the eighth day, and full day I stayed away
When in the evening he called, and broke the suspense
I could not decide whether to be elated or remain tense
15th may was decided; the location had to be Mumbai
Hearing this, my mind was already wandering in streets of shanghai
We talked about further concreting the program
The thoughts of meeting him, kept my mind jammed

The ninth, tenth and the eleventh circadian
We talked like never before
It was a totally new side of him
That I had recently explored
Meanwhile, others were noticing my new found romance
And to tease me, they left no chance

All of a sudden, my mamma took control
She found meeting date too far, and called for a public poll
Plans were reformed, calendars were searched again
Travel portals were checked, for the new bargain
The meeting was preponed to 24th April,
Mind n heart was immediately filled with a new thrill
I forgot to tell you, by the way
This had happened on the Twelfth day

The days that followed were filled with so many words
Ranging from childhood to work, everything was discussed
We talked everyday for 90 minutes precise
It was not us, but airtel who decided this size

The coming days were a bit weird
Instead of talking we were wired
No no!!! The tale is not about strangling
The thing is, we were still talking
But, it was more online, courtesy Mr. bill gates
This is the story so far, accurately fifteen days!!!


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