Thursday, September 8, 2011

Second Innings

It’s not a regular chore, but I wonder what struck me. Today after a long long break, I revisited my blog. And my jaw dropped to ground, when I saw that the last time I posted on it was on 26th March 2009. Almost two and a half years, and here I return to it.

I dint forget the blog completely in this time, but could never gather enough to put things over here, probably time did not permit me doing that.

In these 900 days, I gained so much, I lost too. The life was a mix of ups and downs, that too in a rather fast pace.

I lost my dad, my biggest asset, in 2008, and it took me quite a lot of time to feel OK about it. I’m still not sure if I have accomplished it, but yes, I’m more settled with the fact now.

And that is the reason; I have particularly no major memory of the period up to January 2010. After which my life became a roller coaster.

January 2010: I broke my nose, which happened under a little precarious situation and just as dumb as it sounds. What would you think of me, if I say I BROKE MY NOSE? That tiny little thing in the middle of the face, how can it be broken, unless somebody punches you right on the nose? But nothing of that sort happened with me; I just broke my not so tiny nose. Ah..and that was the talk of the town for some time, my friends dropped by to see me, not to show sympathy but they wanted to know how could something this silly could happen. You know, I broke my nose.

March 2010: I started talking to Yogz, he talks realllllly less. But when you are cupid stricken, all looks good yaar. So be it, this was the month when we started talking, with the intention of getting married. It was a huge chain of phone calls, his father to my mother, my mother to my brother, my brother to him, my brother to me...and finally after all this mother-brother story, I talked to him. He was boring, talks less, and I also assumed that he’s rude. But anyways, I don’t care. Later in the post you’ll come to know if I got married to him or not.

And during the same time, I had declared a major war over my seniors at office. It was a war for independence. We fought every day. It was more like a game of chess one party moves at a time. So some days it was my boss bashing me, and fewer times it was vice versa. I probably made him feel guilty for his behaviour, but on second thoughts, he was a thickhead.....usko koi farak nahi padta.

May 2010: I met Yogz, at Mumbai. I don’t remember much of the meeting, but for his ZooZoo eyes, which were always smiling. We didn’t talk a bit, ‘coz while he was smiling, I was giggling. He didn’t know most of the answers, to most of the questions, asked by my mother, all he did in answer was that he smiled. He had travelled all the way from Chennai, and I was deported from Jamnagar, and my mother also jaunted from Jabalpur, to ensure the meeting goes smoothly. But it was in the month of May, that our destinies were tagged together.

June 2010: Kakkoth, my bestie in RIL, resigned. Me, Kakkoth and Shivani went on several dates together, and it was fun. He promised us a rice treat, which is pending till date; all the other promises were fulfilled by him. We three went to Lakota, almost every third day we would meet for lunch or dinner, me and Shivani literally pestered him for being alive; is all I can say.

September 2010: my friends celebrated a birthday carnival for me. It doesn’t prove anything, but for their love and concern. It started from 17th sept, not to end even by 20th. It was so much fun; I was actually feeling like some celebrity, a call from some courier fellow in every hour or two, cutting 4-5 cakes in a day. I had a room full of gifts, and infinite GB of pictures. Can you even imagine that? My best birthday for this life I suppose.

October 2010: I left Jamnagar, leaving behind all the friends, with a live heap of memories and pictures [: p] to cherish for lifetime. I moved to Mumbai, gained a new profile, much more command and authority, but lost the sedentary life of Jamnagar, Rupali and Shivani; in no particular order. Glancing back, I feel there was no need to shift to Mumbai if

Life = Shivani + Rupali+ Kakkoth + Jamnagar – Bad work – Bad boss

But it was becoming more like

Life = Shivani – Rupali – Kakkoth + Jamnagar + Bad Work + Bad Boss X 2

So, ultimately, I left Jamnagar.

In the same month, we got Tashu. The cute, little, angelic daughter of my sister. She's way too cute to be called my relative, but then that’s the truth my ‘lord.

November 2010: my wedding was fixed, and all I could think of was shopping. I shopped with all my might and in all the time I got. And it went on and on and on till the last day.

January 2011: attended Rupali’s wedding at Kanpur. It was all fun and family. All throughout, not even once did I feel that I was a friend, an outsider. I was just one of them, doing the work, helping things out and cracking silly jokes with the wud-be-bride, her sisters and Prerna. Surprisingly, I got all sentimental when she bid bye to her family.

February 2011: Yes, I lost my spinsterhood, and got married to Yogz. And that was a big big gain, you know I’m actually running short of words to describe him, but he’s nice and not all that rude. Yeah, he still talks less. But as stated earlier, I dont care. He takes all the torture and drama, and returns only a small part of it.

March 2011: He took me to Bangkok, my first foreign trip, and I was as delighted as a kid. My passport gained one Visa mark. First entry in my passport. Our trip was different, totally different, but it was good.

Anybody who has been to Pattaya has been to beaches, except for us.

People, who go to Bangkok, make a point to visit the malls, except for us.

Indubitably, any Indian, who goes to foreign, clicks a lot of pictures, except for us.

You might be wondering that if not all this, then what did we do?

We saw Thailand, we travelled across the cities, explored few of the not so visited places, struggled to get Indian food. And yes, since I was there, we also shopped.

Since then: WE, yeah that’s how you refer to yourselves after getting married, so WE bought a car, and it’s new: P, just a little less beautiful then me. A sea grey, Ford Figo. I totally love it, so does Yogz.

We also got an old house; it’s a 2 BHK, bigger then my previous 1 BHK. Please don’t think that I’m showing off or something like that, but you know that’s how people categorize you in this city. I find it insanely odd, but it’s ok. This new place is slightly better than the previous one; only in terms of space it gives me to loaf around without doing much of cleaning.

So, this is the story so far, will try to keep my blog updated from now...

Bye for now...


Ghalib said...

Brilliant post, loved reading about your life after such a long time.
BTW congrats for your marriage, car and the house

Shruti Sethi said...

Nice post bebe. Ain't there something reaaaaaaally vital you missed citing about mumbai?(: