Friday, December 16, 2011

The fortnight..

It’s been fifteen days since we are talking,
Slowly slowly, walking together, more like stalking!!!

The first day, started with a textation,
Following hours were killed in anticipation
But alas, the things we talked were devoid of any motivation,
Spoken mainly out of desperation!!!

The second day went blank, & I remained nervous,
Probably, something wrong I said, or he was just frivolous!!!

The third day came n soon fell the evening,
Now I was sure tht the fone won’t be ringing
Suddenly, it buzzed, and all the blood in my brains flushed
I was busy playing wid a kid
The flashing mobile, definitely made me skid
I blushed and answered with a big smile
But all we talked was about some odd ratio & HVAC style
Since I was out, I took excuse, but made the promise to call
Till this time, I was so skittish as if my worlds gonna fall

The fourth day came,
The tock was really so lame,
It wasn’t ready to strike eight
Even if I agreed to use an extra battery as bait
Finally, the time came to buzz
The symphony soon turned into jazz
We talked for long hours
Till mittal came to put the bars

Fifth day saga, got better
For so much, to each other we could utter
Incidentally we met online
And then all other things sublimed
I could now sense where it was going
No day, this stranger could be called boring
He speaks less, but magical
Was definitely racy, in a manner so ethical

Today, it has been six days
Since I’m talking to this person so strange
The frequency was really matching,
And so we decided on meeting
The probable location n time line was thought upon
I had already started day dreaming, full on

The seventh day went blank,
But whole day I could feel the pang
All of a sudden, so many people came into picture
I was giving wads of updates to plenty of people,
These endless discussions left me with a mental puncture
Surprisingly these were not a one way call, it was barter
With every piece of detail shared, I got new advices,
They were all writing my new life’s charter :)

On a fine Monday morning, a mail popped
Unlike the routine, It was not checked
This is the eighth day, and full day I stayed away
When in the evening he called, and broke the suspense
I could not decide whether to be elated or remain tense
15th may was decided; the location had to be Mumbai
Hearing this, my mind was already wandering in streets of shanghai
We talked about further concreting the program
The thoughts of meeting him, kept my mind jammed

The ninth, tenth and the eleventh circadian
We talked like never before
It was a totally new side of him
That I had recently explored
Meanwhile, others were noticing my new found romance
And to tease me, they left no chance

All of a sudden, my mamma took control
She found meeting date too far, and called for a public poll
Plans were reformed, calendars were searched again
Travel portals were checked, for the new bargain
The meeting was preponed to 24th April,
Mind n heart was immediately filled with a new thrill
I forgot to tell you, by the way
This had happened on the Twelfth day

The days that followed were filled with so many words
Ranging from childhood to work, everything was discussed
We talked everyday for 90 minutes precise
It was not us, but airtel who decided this size

The coming days were a bit weird
Instead of talking we were wired
No no!!! The tale is not about strangling
The thing is, we were still talking
But, it was more online, courtesy Mr. bill gates
This is the story so far, accurately fifteen days!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Second Innings

It’s not a regular chore, but I wonder what struck me. Today after a long long break, I revisited my blog. And my jaw dropped to ground, when I saw that the last time I posted on it was on 26th March 2009. Almost two and a half years, and here I return to it.

I dint forget the blog completely in this time, but could never gather enough to put things over here, probably time did not permit me doing that.

In these 900 days, I gained so much, I lost too. The life was a mix of ups and downs, that too in a rather fast pace.

I lost my dad, my biggest asset, in 2008, and it took me quite a lot of time to feel OK about it. I’m still not sure if I have accomplished it, but yes, I’m more settled with the fact now.

And that is the reason; I have particularly no major memory of the period up to January 2010. After which my life became a roller coaster.

January 2010: I broke my nose, which happened under a little precarious situation and just as dumb as it sounds. What would you think of me, if I say I BROKE MY NOSE? That tiny little thing in the middle of the face, how can it be broken, unless somebody punches you right on the nose? But nothing of that sort happened with me; I just broke my not so tiny nose. Ah..and that was the talk of the town for some time, my friends dropped by to see me, not to show sympathy but they wanted to know how could something this silly could happen. You know, I broke my nose.

March 2010: I started talking to Yogz, he talks realllllly less. But when you are cupid stricken, all looks good yaar. So be it, this was the month when we started talking, with the intention of getting married. It was a huge chain of phone calls, his father to my mother, my mother to my brother, my brother to him, my brother to me...and finally after all this mother-brother story, I talked to him. He was boring, talks less, and I also assumed that he’s rude. But anyways, I don’t care. Later in the post you’ll come to know if I got married to him or not.

And during the same time, I had declared a major war over my seniors at office. It was a war for independence. We fought every day. It was more like a game of chess one party moves at a time. So some days it was my boss bashing me, and fewer times it was vice versa. I probably made him feel guilty for his behaviour, but on second thoughts, he was a thickhead.....usko koi farak nahi padta.

May 2010: I met Yogz, at Mumbai. I don’t remember much of the meeting, but for his ZooZoo eyes, which were always smiling. We didn’t talk a bit, ‘coz while he was smiling, I was giggling. He didn’t know most of the answers, to most of the questions, asked by my mother, all he did in answer was that he smiled. He had travelled all the way from Chennai, and I was deported from Jamnagar, and my mother also jaunted from Jabalpur, to ensure the meeting goes smoothly. But it was in the month of May, that our destinies were tagged together.

June 2010: Kakkoth, my bestie in RIL, resigned. Me, Kakkoth and Shivani went on several dates together, and it was fun. He promised us a rice treat, which is pending till date; all the other promises were fulfilled by him. We three went to Lakota, almost every third day we would meet for lunch or dinner, me and Shivani literally pestered him for being alive; is all I can say.

September 2010: my friends celebrated a birthday carnival for me. It doesn’t prove anything, but for their love and concern. It started from 17th sept, not to end even by 20th. It was so much fun; I was actually feeling like some celebrity, a call from some courier fellow in every hour or two, cutting 4-5 cakes in a day. I had a room full of gifts, and infinite GB of pictures. Can you even imagine that? My best birthday for this life I suppose.

October 2010: I left Jamnagar, leaving behind all the friends, with a live heap of memories and pictures [: p] to cherish for lifetime. I moved to Mumbai, gained a new profile, much more command and authority, but lost the sedentary life of Jamnagar, Rupali and Shivani; in no particular order. Glancing back, I feel there was no need to shift to Mumbai if

Life = Shivani + Rupali+ Kakkoth + Jamnagar – Bad work – Bad boss

But it was becoming more like

Life = Shivani – Rupali – Kakkoth + Jamnagar + Bad Work + Bad Boss X 2

So, ultimately, I left Jamnagar.

In the same month, we got Tashu. The cute, little, angelic daughter of my sister. She's way too cute to be called my relative, but then that’s the truth my ‘lord.

November 2010: my wedding was fixed, and all I could think of was shopping. I shopped with all my might and in all the time I got. And it went on and on and on till the last day.

January 2011: attended Rupali’s wedding at Kanpur. It was all fun and family. All throughout, not even once did I feel that I was a friend, an outsider. I was just one of them, doing the work, helping things out and cracking silly jokes with the wud-be-bride, her sisters and Prerna. Surprisingly, I got all sentimental when she bid bye to her family.

February 2011: Yes, I lost my spinsterhood, and got married to Yogz. And that was a big big gain, you know I’m actually running short of words to describe him, but he’s nice and not all that rude. Yeah, he still talks less. But as stated earlier, I dont care. He takes all the torture and drama, and returns only a small part of it.

March 2011: He took me to Bangkok, my first foreign trip, and I was as delighted as a kid. My passport gained one Visa mark. First entry in my passport. Our trip was different, totally different, but it was good.

Anybody who has been to Pattaya has been to beaches, except for us.

People, who go to Bangkok, make a point to visit the malls, except for us.

Indubitably, any Indian, who goes to foreign, clicks a lot of pictures, except for us.

You might be wondering that if not all this, then what did we do?

We saw Thailand, we travelled across the cities, explored few of the not so visited places, struggled to get Indian food. And yes, since I was there, we also shopped.

Since then: WE, yeah that’s how you refer to yourselves after getting married, so WE bought a car, and it’s new: P, just a little less beautiful then me. A sea grey, Ford Figo. I totally love it, so does Yogz.

We also got an old house; it’s a 2 BHK, bigger then my previous 1 BHK. Please don’t think that I’m showing off or something like that, but you know that’s how people categorize you in this city. I find it insanely odd, but it’s ok. This new place is slightly better than the previous one; only in terms of space it gives me to loaf around without doing much of cleaning.

So, this is the story so far, will try to keep my blog updated from now...

Bye for now...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Kuch Saal Pehle Ki Hai Yeh Baat
Sapno Me Hui Thi Apni Pehli Mulkat
Karte Rahe Hum Baatein Poori Raat..
Dekha Mene Tumhara Rasta, Ghadi Do Char
Aur Fir Ho Gaya Mayus, Mere Dil Ke Armaan
Kaafi Dino Ke Intezaar Ke Baad
Aaye The Tum Fir Se, Pakadne Mera Haath
Baatein Sapno Ki Chalne Lagi Sapne Me
Jo The Kal Tak Anjaan, Ab Aane Lage Apno Me
Fir To Yeh Silsila Sa Chal Pada
Sapno Ka Intezaar Karna, Humme Acha Lagne Laga
Lekin Ek Sawal Hai, Mann Me Bhatak Raha
Tum Aate Ho, Baate Banate Ho, Hasate Ho, Rulate Ho
Par Apna Chehra Kyun Chupate Ho???
Jub Hoti Hai Raat Khatam,
Aur Shuru Hota Hai Subah Ka Peher
Har Chehre Me Dhundti Hai Tumhe Meri Nazar...
Kab Khatam Hoga Mera Intezaar,
Yahi Sawal Main Poochu Baar Baar ?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Heat of December

November Was Finally Gone

The Transient Seemed To Be A Difficult One

Then Entered The Chill N Thrill Of December

But, To My Surprise You Were Still There

I Struggle To Keep My Feelings In Cold

But, They Always Come Up Taking Multiple Fold

Mummy Behaves In A Way So Formal

No Matter What We Do To Bring Back Her Normal

No Matter How Much I Try

You Always Make Me Cry

After Making Countless Efforts To Forget

I’ve Finally Decided To Let It Set

But I’ve A Few Questions,

You Need To Answer

Before We Make The Final Transfer

They Say “Everything Happens For Some Good”

But What Secret Lies Here

Is Far Away From My Outlook

The More I Try To Understand,

And Make My Brain A Rubber Band

Always I End Up In Some Other Land

Where, Just Two Of Us Are There

Walking Through The Sand

I Just Don’t Realize, Why You Have To Go

As Our Lives Were Getting Smoother In Flow

When The Life Seemed To Sweetly Sway,

And The Happier Moments Came

You Simply Left Us In The Heat Of Mid Day???

Now I Wonder, Whom To Blame??

You Make Me Feel So Lame

What Did We Do To Deserve This?

The Cobra Sat On Us And Hissed?

Was There No Way To Escape?

And, Ultimately You Had To Be Draped?

Why Is It That My Vision Is Blurred?

And All The Paths Have Become A U Turn

Thinking All Day Make My Veins Burn

Is This The End, We Always Sought For

And Call It Happily Ever After??

Summary Of An Affair

I’m Just Presenting A Brief Explanation Of, Me, Being Single….

Rather M Happily Single……..

So Here Goes The Story...

“Yaaar Bf Banane Pe I Don’t Believe Only...Jub Shaadi Hogi Kar Lenge...No Bf Cf.....Bahut Pachde Ka Kaam Hai...

Fone Pe Achi Achi Baatein Karo Shuru Main.......

Fir Thodi Aur Achi Baatein....Sub Acha Lage...Sub Pyara Lage....Bf Me Koi Galti Nahi Dikhegi.....All Colors Will Look Pink...Kasame Waade....Meethi Meethi Romantic Baatein Shuru Hongi.......Saath Me Ghumne Jana…..Frens Ka Saath Acha Nahi Lagega…

Life Me Involvmnt Badh Jayega...

Ab Poore Din Aap Fone Pe Hi Rahoge……Full Time Phone/Sms Goin On…Saans Bhi Li To Uski Khabar Dena..Aapki Duty Ban Jayegi…..

Like Me Indulgence Aur Badh Jayega….U’ll Start Planning Ur Life Together…How’d It Be After Marriage…Shaadi/Honeymoon/Bacche/Unke Naam/Unke Profession…..Innn Sub Discussions Me Halke Fluke Jhagde…Jo Aur Ache Hi Lagenge…..

Life Me Interference Badhne Lagega….Fir Dheere Dheere...Asliyat Saamne Aayegi....

Movie Pink And Red Se Black And White Ho Jayegi.......Pata Chalega Mills N Boons Ke Alawa Bhi Books Hai.........Fir Space Crunch...Emotional Pressures........Khud K Liye Time Kum Karna Padega.......Agar 4 Din U R Busy...1st Day He'll Undrstnd...2nd Day He'll Sound Understandin....3rd Day He'll Be Annoyed....4th Day Jhagdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Bigger Thn World Warii
Fir Aise Kai Saare 4th Day Aane Lagenge.....
Frends K Saath Zada Time Spend Kiya Mere Saath Nahi....4th Day....
Fone Pe Uss Xyz Se Baat Kr Skti Ho Mujhse Nahi....4th Day...
Chuttti Hai Chalo Milte Hai.....If Said No....4th Day.....
Sunday Frends Ke Saath Mat Jao Mere Saath Chalo.....4th Day
One Time Will Come.....When All Day Will Be 4th Day..
Wo Bura Lagne Lagega......Relation Bojh Ban Jayega......
Fir Jub Time Hoga Bhi....The Person Will Nt Spend Time Wid Him....Thinking Tht The Gud Time Will Get Ruined.....
Fone Lagane Ka Mann Bhi Karega To Nahi Lagayenge......Kahi Ladai Na Ho Jaye.......
Bus.....Thode Din Baad......Brk Up Ho Jayega
Bf To Khoya Hi Khoya.....Ek Acha Frend Bhi Kho Diya.....Nuksaan Hi Nuksaaan”

Aisa Nahi Hai, I Ve Some Problem With The Relation, This Is Just My Take On It…And The Above Stated Statements Are The One’s I’ve Learnt From Various Sources Over The Time.

Japanesse Economy

The Japanese save a lot. They do not spend much.
Also Japan exports far more than it imports.
Has an annual trade surplus of over $100 billion, yet Japanese economy is considered weak, even collapsing.
Americans spend, save little.
Also US import more than it exports.
Has an annual trade deficit of over $400 billion.
Yet, the American economy is considered strong and trusted to get stronger.
But where from do Americans get money to spend?
They borrow from Japan , China , and even India .
Virtually others save for the US to spend.
Global savings are mostly invested in US, in dollars.
India itself keeps its foreign currency assets of over $50 billions in US securities.
China has sunk over $160 billion in US securities.
Japan 's stakes in US securities is in trillions.

The US has taken over $5 trillion from the world.
So, as the world saves for the US , Americans spend freely.
Today, to keep the US consumption going, that is for the US economy to work, the countries have to remit $180 billion every quarter that is $2 billion a day to the US !
Otherwise the US economy would go for a sick.
So will the global economy.
The result will be no different if US consumers begin consuming less.
A Chinese economist asked a neat question.
Who has invested more, US in China , or China in US?
The US has invested in China less than half of what China has invested in US.
The same is the case with India . We have invested in US over $50 billion.
But the US has invested less than $20 billion in India .
Why the world is after US?
The secret lies in the American spending, that they hardly save.
In fact they use their credit cards to spend their future income.
That the US spends is what makes it attractive to export to the US .
So US imports more than what it exports year after year.

The result:
The world is dependent on US consumption for its growth.
By its deepening culture of consumption, the US has habituated the world to feed on US consumption.
But as the US needs money to finance its consumption, the world provides the money.
It's like a shopkeeper providing the money to a customer so that the customer keeps buying from his shop. The customer will not buy; the shop won't have business, unless the shopkeeper funds him.
The US is like the lucky customer.
And the world is like the helpless shopkeeper financier.
Who is America 's biggest shopkeeper financer?
Japan of course.
Yet it's Japan which is regarded as weak.
Modern economists complain that Japanese do not spend, so they do not Grow.
To force the Japanese to spend, the Japanese government exerted itself.
Reduced the savings rates, even charged the savers Even then the Japanese did not spend (habits don't change, even with taxes, do they?).
Their traditional postal savings alone is over $1.2 trillions, about three times the Indian GDP.
Thus, savings, far from being the strength of Japan , has become its pain.
Hence, what is the lesson?
A nation cannot grow unless the people spend, not save. Not just spend, but borrow and spend.

Dr. Jagdish Bhagwati, the famous Indian-born economist in the US , told that don't wastefully save.
Start spending, on imported cars and, seriously, even on cosmetics! This will put all nations on a growth curve.
'Saving is sin, and spending is virtue.'

Before you follow this neo economics, get some fools to save so that you can borrow from them nd spend.
This is what US has successfully done in last few decades.

Written by Dr Jagdish Bhagwati an economist

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

national humiliation

It was a national humiliation by Arvind Lavakare

Arvind Lavakare may be 71, but the fire in his belly burns stronger than in many people half his age. The economics post-graduate worked with the Reserve Bank of India and several private and public sector companies before retiring in 1997. His first love, however, remains sports. An accredited cricket umpire in Mumbai, he has reported and commented on cricket matches for newspapers, Doordarshan and AIR. Lavakare has also been regularly writing on politics since 1997, and published a monograph, The Truth About Article 370, in 2005.

Hang your heads in shame, my countrymen. Do it because a dozen-odd terrorists traveled 500 nautical miles of the Arabian sea from Karachi to Mumbai's Gateway of India, just opposite the grandiose Taj Mahal Hotel and proceeded to humble the city of 16.4 million into utter helpless ness for over 48 hours even as over 170 civilians and some distinguished professional security men lost their lives to the hand grenades and rifle bullets of a fanatical mindset. It was a humiliation worse than the drubbing the Chinese army gave us in 1961.

It was because our motherland, India, is a soft nation, tested and proven so several times. Despite the weighty evidence of Clement Atlee, the Britain's post World War II prime minister to the contrary, the Congress party brainwashed the entire nation, including the press, that it was the non-violence strategy of Gandhi that brought us independence.

Atlee had expressed fears regarding the rage of Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army as a reason for its decision to give us independence; another reason was that World War II had liquidated the British Empire and left it to ration even eggs to the citizens of England. But Gandhi disliked Bose's guts and gumption & Nehru sent the officers of the valiant INA to a secret trial in the Red Fort.

Thus, even as the Congress of Gandhi and Nehru, his pampered disciple, ahimsa, non-violence, became the motto of our motherland. So bad has this become over the last 60 years that today even killing a stray dog on the street, however vicious and sick, has become a crime, courtesy another Gandhi, Maneka by name.

Take the more serious issue of terrorism. Excepting during the Khalistan uprising in the eighties that was ultimately doused by K.P.S. Gill and his brave police force, our country's approach to terrorism has all along been tepid and timid, castrated and impotent.

Because almost all the terrorist acts in recent years have involved Muslims as the perpetrators, and because of the fetish of appeasing the minority Muslim community at any cost, our soft national psyche inherited from Gandhi, our response to terrorism has become a combination of impotence and vote bank politics sought to be covered by rhetoric and pleas for peace.

At every stage of our every "encounter" with a terrorist act, our collective national response has been reactive rather than active, defensive rather than offensive. Public statements are issued, action is promised. Period. Nothing else really happens.

At the base of it all is the shameful fact that we choose to be confused by terrorism. We are not sure whether to treat it as a law and order problem or as an act of war against the nation. Our elite journalists of the print and TV/radio world are not even sure as to whether to describe those who indulge in an act of terror as "militants" or "terrorists".

Reams of newspaper reports are testimony to this confusion. The latest Mumbai drama was no different as one prominent TV channel kept on describing the killed terrorists as "militants". Politicians are, or choose to be, equally confused in this simple matter.

Yes, it is a simple matter because the English dictionary will tell you that a militant is one who confronts, face to face, not one who wears a mask; and this militant does not wield an AK 47 or throws hand grenades or detonates a bomb with remote control mechanism.

Further, we have had the phrase "terrorism act" well defined in one of our Constitutional documents right from 1985. Called "The Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order", it empowered Parliament to enact any law to prevent "terrorist acts" and went on to define "terrorist act" as "any act or thing by using bombs, dynamite or other explosive substances or inflammable substances or firearms or other lethal weapons or poisons or noxious gases or other chemicals or any other substances (whether biological or otherwise) of a hazardous nature." By corollary, the perpetrator of a "terrorist act" is a "terrorist If you get your concepts right; the right action will follow --- provided you love your country more than your political party or your own advancement in political circles.

Tragically, that hasn't happened in our country so far and is unlikely to ever happen till, heaven forbid, a colossal and unbelievable act of terror paralyses the entire country into a daze.

Just recall some events of recent years. The UPA government that came in 2004 quickly repealed the Prevention of Terrorist Act (POTA) which the Vajpayee-led NDA government had introduced after the ghastly attack in December 2001.

It was not withdrawn because of its stringent features but because it was allegedly misused against the minorities (read Muslims). The basic fact was that the Congress, which heads the UPA sarkar, wanted to appease and win over the Muslims with one more lollipop. Amusingly enough, any call by the BJP for the re-introduction of POTA or some such tough law is counterattacked by the Congress. "Did your POTA prevent the attack on the Akshardham Temple?" they ask.

Forgotten in this child-like question is that it was POTA that secured the conviction of Afzal Guru. Forgotten is that the acceptance of a confession to the police as evidence (considered a draconian legal provision) was what led to the conviction under TADA of Rajiv Gandhi's assassins.
In several other areas as well, our successive governments have failed to act in ways so crucial to minimize, if not totally stop, the reign of terror that now occurs so frequently that from a tragedy it has become a joke for the cynic.

Take the policing of our urban areas which are the focal points of terrorism. Lt General Sinha recently disclosed that in the last sixty years after Independence the number of police stations in the country has increased by a laughable 15 per cent over the figure of 12,000 that existed then.

In contrast, he says, our population has increased four times in that same period even as policing has become so much more complex than before.
Further, whatever police force available is overworked but underpaid, apart from being manipulated and exploited by their political bosses. That is why, at least Mumbai's policemen, and policewomen , look so unfit, almost obese, and so blank in face.

Ditto with our Intelligence force. Marginal increase in their strength has occurred, but assignments include assessment of likely performance of the ruling party in the coming elections. And why the National Security Advisor should have been involved so much in the Indo-US nuclear deal as he actually was is a mystery.
Then there's the human rights industry and our politicians' concern for it much beyond national interest. And there's that impractical concern for "guilty beyond reasonable doubt" even in matters of terrorism. If cockroaches had votes and rats had a religion, our politicians would enact a law prohibiting killing of those two living species as well.

Imagine the PDP of J&K granting pensions from government to families of slain terrorists. Imagine, the PM himself disclosing his sleepless night over the plight of the mother of an Indian Muslim held in police custody in Australia on suspicion of being involved in a bomb blast but not over the plight of mothers of thousands of his innocent countrymen killed in terrorist violence.

Imagine two Cabinet Ministers oppose the ban on SIMI despite the latter's proven guilt. Imagine one Cabinet Minister wanting all illegal migrants from Bangladesh to be given full citizenship rights, when it is well-known that many among them have links with terrorists. Imagine another Cabinet Minister approving of a University vice chancellor's decision to deploy funds provided by a foreign government to be utilized for the legal defence of two of his University students accused of involvement in terrorist violence.

Imagine, lastly, that amounts running into thousands of crores have been spent on the Haj subsidy for Muslims but the security of our very long coastline on the west is so ill-funded that terrorists can come from Karachi across the Arabian Sea to Mumbai without being spotted.

Contrast all of this is typically indolent-cum-idealistic-cum-selfish Indian attitude to the stark realism and patriotism of the USA when 9/11 occurred in 2001. One thing that USA did shortly after that dastardly day was the enactment by the USA Congress of what's come to be known as the USA Patriot Act. That nomenclature is really an acronym, and the full name of that legislation is "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001". If a name can arouse emotions, that one certainly does. And however draconian that law has been, it has prevented the recurrence of 9/11.

Unless the whole young nation of ours forgets non-violence as a magic mantra and unless our politicians show a commitment similar to that of the USA to engage in a literal war against terror, we shall continue to allow just about a dozen-odd terrorists to humiliate an entire nation for over 48 hours, even as a naïve Prime Minister calls the Pakistan chief of intelligence to share info with us.